• August 16th... Rockaway Twp. Chapter Meeting at Caffe Navona at 7:00pm (1st live meeting since Pandemic started)
  • September 12th...Rockaway Twp. Unico 20-Year 911 Memorial Motorcycle Run for the Kids 
  • October 3...Rockaway Twp. Unico Citizenship Award Dinner at Mountain Lakes Mansion 12:00-4:00pm

​Come join us on our 20th Anniversary 9/11 Police Escorted Motorcycle Run to help provide money to help children fighting cancer  

The Rockaway Township Chapter of UNICO is a 501(c) 3 non-profit charitable service organization that's non-political & non-sectarian. Our members are either of Italian heritage or are married to those of Italian heritage. Our purposes are to grant education scholarships, support programs aiding underprivileged & handicapped children, community & civic activities, mental health, cancer & autism research & St. Jude's Children's Hospital. ​​​Anyone interested in joining the Rockaway Township Chapter of UNICO should email us at info@rtunico.org

Questions?    e-mail us at info@rtunico.org

Upcoming Events:

Rockaway Township Unico

We are focused on helping others...join us

​​​​Chapter Officers

              President                        Judy Mustachio

              Exec VP/Goodwill          Pat Ricucci

              Secretary/PCP               Judy Ricucci

              Sgt at Arms                   Bob Gialanella

              Chaplain                        Joan Gialanella

​              Treasurer/PCP              Matt Mustachio

              Officer/PCP                   Martha Paravati

                             Committee Chairs

              Cultural                            Matilde Secco

              Membership                     Joe Bell

              Donations                         Martha Paravati/Pat Ricucci

              Scholarship                      Judi Ricucci/Joan Gialanella

              Citizenship                       Judi Ricucci/Joe Bell

              Motorcycle Run                Matt Mustachio/Bob Gialanella

              Veterans                           Judi Ricucci

              Sunshine/Goodwill            Pat Ricucci

              Christmas                         Judy Mustachio/Matt Mustachio

              Golf                                   Tony Versandi